Saturday, September 27, 2008

The LAST soccer game of the season!



Braydon and Carson played on the same soccer team this year.  I decided to play Carson up and put him with the 6 and 7 years olds ...  having them on two separate teams was killer last year, too many games and practices.  They had a great time playing together and are SO sad that the season is over. 

Thanks Mark and Ann for being the best coaches EVER ... see you in the Spring!


AndreaBaugh said...

Fun! They were so cute in their uniforms.

Julie said...

Soccer is the best sport. We are a soccer family. September and October are very busy, and March and April will be too. I bet your boys just love it and it's so fun to see kids when they are that little trying to get the ball. It seems like yesterday Parker was that little running around trying to make a goal, now he's in High school soccer kicking the ball clear down the field in one kick. His thighs are solid like a rock.

The Jones :) said...

Your boys are too cute...I love how into sports they are...hope Klous stays that way!! Sad for them though that it's over...good for Mom to relax though :)

The Homer House said...

Braydon and Carson,

You guys rock. Beat up your dad for me.


Jamie said...

I missed soccer this fall. Rachel wanted to try some other things like the jr high play which I thought would be at the same time... guess not since it's just starting and maybe track in spring. I really really enjoyed the soccer games. better than baseball. they are just so fast moving.