Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remembering two Gentle GIANTS

This past weekend Ty Detmer showed, once again the caliber of person and leader he is in honoring two of his former lineman and friends by hosting a charity dinner and sporting clay tournament in their behalf.   

Kent Griffith - BYU 1990 

Bryan May #72 and Kent Griffith #63, both were apart of the offensive line that blocked for TY as he accomplished something that no other player has done in the history of BYU...  
WIN THE HEISMAN!!  If you were LUCKY enough to know either Bryan or Kent, you knew how proud they were to be able to block for Ty.    

Missy and her "Fantastic Four"

  Kent and Brian left this earth too soon.  The charity is raising funds for these two young families.  At the charity dinner, Ty, with a tear in his eye, shared with us how privileged he felt to now "have their backs" for all the times they had his on the field.

Adam and Reno Mahe

We were grateful to have the chance to be apart of this event.  Adam was able to go clay shooting on Friday afternoon with many former BYU players.  Many of them he knew and others he got to know for the first time.   It was embarrassing to have Reno Mahe, which has never shot a gun; point out to Adam that he was putting the wrong ammunition in his gun.  (oops)

Adam with Rob Morris and Chad Lewis

 Adam met up with an old friend, Chad Lewis that he hasn't seen for years.  It was fun to reminisce.   Adam did hold his tongue... being the only UTE in the bunch, most of the guys there were bigger than him... and they all had guns.    

Adam with his dad and sisters; Lisa, Missy and Katie

Friday evening they held a charity dinner at Sundance.  We were both able to attend it along with Adam's dad, and sisters.  It was great to be able to be there and support Missy and the kids.  They have sacrificed so much and really deserved this great evening in their honor.  Adam, almost spent $1,000 on a Heisman signed football helmet during the live auction... 
good thing he got outbid.  

Adam and Ty Detmer

It was a great weekend and we thank Ty for being a good friend to 
Kent and Bryan when their families need it most. 
And Adam wants you all to know that even though he didn't get to 
tackle a Heisman trophy winner on the field, 
he got to finally put his arms around one. 

Ty with Missy and Stacey after they led the team out

Saturday Ty asked Missy and Stacey to lead the team out on the field with him.  It was great to see both of them in Kent and Bryan's jerseys.   Missy was so excited; we didn't think they were going to get her off the field. 

Go UTES!!! 
(Amy got home from the game and the boys wouldn't even hug here because she had this shirt on)

Missy and Stacey on Sportsbeat Sunday

A great article regarding Kent:

To find out more information regarding Ty Detmer's event:


Mom OT said...

What an amazing tribute!!! Hawkes, your brother must of been an amazing man!!!!

AndreaBaugh said...

WOW! It's wonderful! Thanks to people like that, that make the world better for all of us to live in and brighten our lives for knowing them or knowing the ones that learned from them.

Julie said...

Great tribute! I enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing. I love blogs!

The Jones :) said...

That was amazing Amy...thanks for sharing all that, I was wondering how it all ended up. You guys are lucky to be a part of such an amazing thing!! Looks like you had fun...even though it was cheering on BYU and not the UTES...maybe Adam's heart will be softened!! :) :) :)
-Becki :)

Emmy Lou said...

I love your blog. Super cute. Kent's tribute is amazing. The BYU game looked fun.

ChasingChase said...

That was really nice, Amy. I'm glad your family got to be a part of that. Missy deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Adam and Amy, Thank you for this beautiful tribute to the guys. I can't even find the words to express my feelings towards family, friends, Ty, Stacey, BYU (Shirley). It is truly an honor to be Kent's wife and to have represented him this weekend.
XOXO, Missy