Friday, September 26, 2008

Totally BORED ...

Adam and the boys went to Franklin to watch his nephew play in the homecoming football game ... I didn't feel good about taking the sicks boys so I stayed at home. The same home I have been stuck in all day with sick boys. I am BORED!!! I just stumbled across ... yes, I am a total nerd sitting here by myself, laughing out loud at these pictures. Cheap entertainment.

It is kind of scary how close one of these actually looks like my high school photo... holy hair!

Adam is going to think I am so hot!


Jamie said...

That is so funny. you are having just TOOO much fun home with sick boys. I, too, have some interesting hair photos in my past. let's just say 80's= big bangs

The Jones :) said... are a total hottie...I think you should keep doing your hair like that!! I think you're talking about the last picture looking like your yearbook one?? Am I right!?!?! :) Just kidding...glad you're as bored as I am sitting in the house!! Hope the boys start feeling better SOON!!!
-Becki :)