Sunday, September 28, 2008

UTES win again!

One step closer to the National Championship game???

Adam took Braydon to the Utah vs. Weber State game last night.  Braydon was so excited he couldn't stop talking about it.  Boy am I glad he has now "experienced" a Utah game... don't know if I could have survived another question.    "Mom, how big is the stadium?" ... "Mom, the stadium is under the U on the mountain, right? ...  "How are we going to get up the mountain? ... "the train can't go up that far, can it?" ... "how long is a college football game?" ... "How long does it take to get to Salt Lake?" ... "How far is it from the train to the stadium?" ... "Mom, when are we leaving?"... " Mom, when are we leaving?" ... "Mom, when are we leaving?"... "Mom, why does dad keep telling me to shut my trap?"  

Braydon, I love you so much and I am so glad that you and your dad had a good time!


The Jones :) said...

LOL...sounds like you really enjoyed the questions!! Sounds and looks like he had fun though...he showed me mark on his face from the tattoo...I told him he's scarred for life now cuz it was a UTAH tattoo!!! Missed you at church today!!
-Becki :)

AndreaBaugh said...

Your boys are so adordable! Sorry you've been stuck in the house for so long. I'm glad they had a good time.
Hope you enjoy the cupcakes.

Jamie said...

love braydon and Carson's new pictures on the sidebar. My mom and dad took jacob to a BYU (sorry) game last year and he was so excited but it only lasted thru the first half and then he was bored and VERY annoying. He wont be going again for a couple of years. Loved your recap of the pregame show. it's a conversation that could so easily have happened (and probably has) over and over in my house.

The Homer House said...

My brother, Justin, said he saw you at the game. Why are the Utes playing Weber State? Oh I know, because of your boy Mcbride. Did you go say Hi?