Thursday, October 30, 2008

Playing TAG...

I have been tagged by my friend Julie.  
I am suppose to list 6 things I value,
6 things I don't and then tag 6 friends. 
So here goes....

6 things I value:
1.  my hot, funny, hard workin' and never boring husband
2.  my adorable, rambunctious, active and never bashful boys 
3.  diet coke
4.  clorox wipes
5.  my family, extended family, neighbors and friends
6.  the gospel

6 things I don't value:
1.  laundry
2.  sharing a bathroom with 5 boys... YUCK
okay so really 3  1/2 boys right now, but I hate it, 
have you ever sat down on a wet toilet seat?... 
clorox wipes are my best friend ... 
hmm, maybe for Christmas my "hot, funny, hard workin' 
and never boring husband" that I value 
SO much could finish our 2nd bathroom ... 
and I could decorate it PINK ... 
and put NO BOYS ALLOWED in really big letters on the door ... 
and have a diet coke dispenser next to the tub... 
and order gallons of "CALGON TAKE ME AWAY"... 
(honey, if I had my own bathroom the boys would stop 
using my tampons as swords, daggers and blow horns.)
3.  potty training
4.  an empty diet coke can
5.  procrastination... I seem to be the queen of it since I stopped working 
6.  poopy diapers

Tag your it... 
1.  Tana
2.  Brooke
3.  Reen
4.  Cari
5.  Karen B.
6.  Angela

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

COLORING contest

The Elementary School had many fun activities last week for Red Ribbon Week... one being a coloring contest.  Braydon took 2nd place and won a $15 gift card to Target today!  We are very proud!

Good job Brayds!  Your picture is awesome!

Here's a Carson funny:  Carson informed his Kindergarten class yesterday that Adam works at BYU... What have we created?  (smiles)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ward Halloween PARTY

A sneak-peak at our Halloween costumes

Cody is Diego, Carson is a Power Ranger and 
Braydon is a scary "hooded cape" 
(funny story... we went to pick out costumes and Braydon wanted one that would require face paint and something scary, so I suggested he dress all in black and I would paint his face.  He picked out a cape that had "hooded cape" on the package ... so that is what he went as ... a "hooded cape".  

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of me, Adam and Cooper.  We went as Ute fans and got boo'd when we walked into the gym... 
darn BYU fans... so rude.  :)

CRAZY hair day

It was CRAZY hair day at school on Wednesday for Red Ribbon Week... 
here are our crazy hair boys!

Carson trying to figure out how to make the hang loose sign 
(like his older brother) ...

Braydon making fun of Carson because he can't do it...

Ha Ha... I did it!


Cody thought he would apply some mascara while we 
were making crazy hair.

Cody got in on the action later in the afternoon... 
the red hair turned him into CHUCKY though.

FALL Break

Someone, please tell me how much sense this makes... 
I won't take all my boys to the grocery store by myself... 
but I 
drove 1,300 miles in a car to California and back,
stayed the night in a hotel, 
changed multiple diapers on the side of some strange 
exit in the middle of nowhere, 
almost ran out of gas because I was more worried about buying treats to keep the kids quiet than getting gas at the gas station,
peed on the side of the road because it was easier than taking all 5 of us into a disgusting and dirty gas station bathroom...
and the list could go on and on and on....

Here are some photos from the trip that I survived.  

Cody swinging at the park.

Meet Carson's friend "Rin Tin Tin" ... "Chicken Chicken" didn't survive long enough for a picture.

Braydon and Carson pretty much spent the entire weekend in the water.

Uncle Ryan took the boys out in the field and let them shoot his BB guns.

A very excited Carson came in the house and said 
"Mom, wook at all ta toles we tot in ta tiet toke tans"... 
translation: Mom, look at all the holes we shot in the diet coke cans.

I just realized that I did not take one photos of Cooper, Brock or Em while I was there... I promise to make up for that. :(

The boys had a great time and I am glad that we went... even if I am still trying to recover from it.  (smiles)

Thanks Em, Ryan and Brock for letting us come and stay at your house, swim in your pool and consume all of your food.  We love you!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hmm... CARDIO anyone?

If the scales didn't motivate me to get to the gym, this sure did. Carson and I were talking the other night about babies and how great our baby Cooper is and what a big helper he is with Cooper.  He mentioned that he would help me lots with our next baby too ... so I explained to him that there won't be a "next baby"... that mommy and daddy have their family of four incredible boys and how much I love them... without hesitation he looked at my stomach and says "well mom, you know your tummy is getting big... you better not let that baby get out." 

CARDIO anyone?  

Friday, October 3, 2008

Of course I am GOING to post this!

UTES win against the same team that knocked off the #1 ranked team in the Nation last week!  SO exciting!  
(I have been married to Adam too long... can't resist rubbing this into all of our BYU fan family and friends)  

Adam and I called it his "birthday date" and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then to the Utah vs. Oregon State football game.  It was great to get away and spend some quality time together and have some "adult" conversation, although "adult" conversation and Adam don't really go together... it was more like 7 hours of flirting!

What a great wife I am, I even wore his jersey.  :)  
(and thanks Lex and Sterling for taking good care of the boys)


Thursday, October 2, 2008

THiNGS i LoVe aBouT THe FaLL

fReSH CooL AiR 
geTTiNG FaMiLY PHoToS TaKen 
caRaMel aPPLeS 
suNDaY DRiVeS uP THe CaNYoN 
haLLoWeeN PaRTieS 
leaVeS ... TReeS ... MouNTaiNS 
fooTBaLL gAmEs 
hauNTeD HouSeS 
sCaRiNG SMaLL CHiLDReN (just kidding)