Sunday, October 26, 2008

FALL Break

Someone, please tell me how much sense this makes... 
I won't take all my boys to the grocery store by myself... 
but I 
drove 1,300 miles in a car to California and back,
stayed the night in a hotel, 
changed multiple diapers on the side of some strange 
exit in the middle of nowhere, 
almost ran out of gas because I was more worried about buying treats to keep the kids quiet than getting gas at the gas station,
peed on the side of the road because it was easier than taking all 5 of us into a disgusting and dirty gas station bathroom...
and the list could go on and on and on....

Here are some photos from the trip that I survived.  

Cody swinging at the park.

Meet Carson's friend "Rin Tin Tin" ... "Chicken Chicken" didn't survive long enough for a picture.

Braydon and Carson pretty much spent the entire weekend in the water.

Uncle Ryan took the boys out in the field and let them shoot his BB guns.

A very excited Carson came in the house and said 
"Mom, wook at all ta toles we tot in ta tiet toke tans"... 
translation: Mom, look at all the holes we shot in the diet coke cans.

I just realized that I did not take one photos of Cooper, Brock or Em while I was there... I promise to make up for that. :(

The boys had a great time and I am glad that we went... even if I am still trying to recover from it.  (smiles)

Thanks Em, Ryan and Brock for letting us come and stay at your house, swim in your pool and consume all of your food.  We love you!


The Homer House said...

OH my heck, that is so funny how you write how Carson talks, I can hear him saying that! You are a brave woman to do that but I bet now that it is over you are laughing about it and had a great time! What a good mom you are!

Vanessa said...

It looks like a fabulous trip! Isn't peeing on the side of the road fabulous! Last trip I took, we tried to pee in water bottles --it was a little tricky for the girls!!

wendy said...

The thought of a trip like that with ONE boy puts the fear in me. I'm so impressed!

Where in California did you go? Northern or Southern? (I'm from northern, that's why I ask.)

AndreaBaugh said...

That is really impressive! You are a brave woman!

AndreaBaugh said...

That is really impressive! You are a brave woman!

Mom OT said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!! You are soooo brave to go the distance with your four boys!! What an awesome MOM!!!

Karla Hayes said...

Aww, road trips, gotta love them! I often thought someone should invent some sort of drive through bathroom garage or something like that. I always have that problem, taking all the girls in for me to go potty or one of the girls... and the gas thing I have done a few times too, not sure where I am at or when I will be to the next place to stop for gas. Not to mention my car is TRASHED from crumbs, half eaten happy meals and spilled drinks.