Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My dear husband has kind of been in the dog house since he brought home "new member".  And I  haven't been very nice, in fact I have been horrible.  I know that he has been in so much pain, but he hasn't complained in fear of my "I told you not to buy that @#$& bike" response.  

I have been doing some spring cleaning and came across a poem that he wrote for me last year. It reminded me of what an incredible man I am married to, he is so perfect for me.   He will probably not be very happy that I am posting this... but it is too good not to share.  (smiles)

When I think of you, my sky turns blue
Even in the middle of a raging storm, the thought of you keeps me warm.
Because of you, I fear nothing at all,
Because of you, I am 10 feet tall.

Even though I frustrate you for lack of a plan.
It's you that makes me a better man.
I'll lengthen my stride, to go that extra mile.
So when you look at me, I see your smile.

A few thoughts and feelings to brighten your day,
And yes, I'm thinking of sex, your man in not gay!


Isn't that the sweetest... I have the best man in the world!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I am a mother with 4 active boys.  We have been locked up in a very small house, for what seems like years.  It has been a very long and cold winter.  You teased us last week with some warm sunshine and then you took it all away and threw snow on us.  I don't think it was a very funny joke.  I was just wondering if maybe you could throw some sunshine our way.  We went to a soccer game last week and it was 34 degrees outside and that's not even taking into account the wind chill ... that just wasn't very enjoyable, the soccer ball was even frozen.  My husband owns a lawn care company... yes, I said lawn care.  It is kind of hard to care for lawns when there is snow on them.  We have spent way too much time together, if you know what I mean... love him, but need space ASAP.  The first official day of spring was last week... all I am asking for is that... can you please throw SPRING at us?

The gal that is desperately seeking her sanity back

The newest member of our family....

Meet our newest member of the family, "new member".  He really wasn't invited to be a member of our family... but one Friday afternoon he just showed up, he used to live in St. George and I really think he would have been happier if he had just stayed there.

This is my eternal "soul-mate".  He is a good man, but at times doesn't always make the best decisions.  (that probably doesn't come as a surprise to many of you)

One day "soul-mate" decided to take "new member" out for a drive... I guess "new member" didn't want to go for a ride that day and just decided to stop and lay down in the middle of the road while going about 45 miles an hour.  "Soul-mate" went for a ride on his rear about 97 feet until coming to a stop (and you wonder how I know 97 feet, well "soul-mate" had to go back out after the wreck and measure it with his tape measure for bragging rights).  High speeds, flesh and asphalt don't make for a good combination.  "Soul-mate" has some great road rash and "new member" is still in the shed in time out.... don't know that he will be coming back out soon.   Anyone in the market for a dirt bike? .... or a husband?   (smiles)

The best part of it all is that "soul-mate" was wrapping his wounds in Ace bandages ... he found out that he is allergic to them and broke out in hives all over his body... he's been itching like crazy for over a week.  Hmmm, I guess that it what you get for not obeying your wife.  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Singin' in the RAIN

I looked out the window and what did I see.....
My son in a Spiderman costume, green 
florescent soccer socks and an umbrella.
He has been spending WAY to much 
time with his dad.  (smiles)

Kindergarten Field Trip

I have two very competitive boys... so if you go on a field trip with one you better plan on going on a field trip with the other one.  We went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  The kindergarten kids were fun, but I think I spent the majority of my time counting heads...  I was so worried about loosing someone... they were all over the place!  
Carson had a great time though.    He could have spent hours digging in the sand... it is what he does best, mud, or should I say "mess" is attracted to this kid.

I must say... I do love being at home with my kids now and being able to participate in these activities with them.   Even though I needed Excedrin and Diet Coke after this trip.  :)

2nd grade field trip

I some how got "volunteered" by this cute little boy to go on his field trip with him.  We went to Thanksgiving Point and then the Discover Park in P.G.  It ended up being a lot of fun and was a great opportunity for Braydon and I to spend some time together without the other boys.