Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My dear husband has kind of been in the dog house since he brought home "new member".  And I  haven't been very nice, in fact I have been horrible.  I know that he has been in so much pain, but he hasn't complained in fear of my "I told you not to buy that @#$& bike" response.  

I have been doing some spring cleaning and came across a poem that he wrote for me last year. It reminded me of what an incredible man I am married to, he is so perfect for me.   He will probably not be very happy that I am posting this... but it is too good not to share.  (smiles)

When I think of you, my sky turns blue
Even in the middle of a raging storm, the thought of you keeps me warm.
Because of you, I fear nothing at all,
Because of you, I am 10 feet tall.

Even though I frustrate you for lack of a plan.
It's you that makes me a better man.
I'll lengthen my stride, to go that extra mile.
So when you look at me, I see your smile.

A few thoughts and feelings to brighten your day,
And yes, I'm thinking of sex, your man in not gay!


Isn't that the sweetest... I have the best man in the world!


ChasingChase said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad my boss is not here, cuz I just burst out laughing!! That was so cute!!

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Even at Adam's most tender moments he always pulls a funny and makes me laugh. :)

The Jones :) said...

LOL...I busted up laughing too...that is too cute and sweet and hilarious all at the same time. Good ol' Adam always thinking about sex!! You're a lucky girl!!

Hendrickson Clan said...

I had no idea Adam had a poetic side to him... WOW, you learn somethin' new everyday!

Julie said...

That is funny to think that came from Adam. Adam does have a big heart and he loves you tons and hmmm he reminds me of someone I know. Can you guess?? You guys are perfect for each other. Tell him thanks for doing our lawn today and stepping in all the 49 pounds of dog pooh that has not been cleaned up all winter and maybe the fall too. He probably about died! I'm so embarressed

Preston and Raelene Raban Family said...

Amy...Preston and Adam are so much alike! All of Preston's poems start off all romantic and sweet and end with sex! So funny! I am so glad you are back bloggin! I have missed you!

Jamie said...

That was Awesome. I didn't know he had it in him, well the first 2 stanza's anyway.....

Amanda said...

That is so sweet!

I don't even recognise your kids. I agree we need to BBQ. Let us know when. I am thinking when the snow stops falling, how about you? LoL!

The Homer House said...

That a boy Big Daddy. I always knew you were a poet. I still have a poem you wrote and gave to me. You are a big freaking horn dog, saddle up and ride big daddy!