Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I have to be honest, I love hanging out with my boys, I really do... but they had 5 entire days off for Spring Break this year, which really was 9 if you count the weekends.  Who gets 5 days off for Spring Break?  We were lucky to get 2 days off when I was in school.  
I was a bit nervous as to what I was going to do with them...  I have to keep them busy or bad things happen fast.  (smiles)

We all went to the Bean Museum one day, it was cheap entertainment for all. 

We woke up to 9" of snow in our yard the next day... who gets to say they played in the snow for Spring Break.

Adam had to break out the snow blower... love the shorts and sunglasses.

Snowing once we have pulled the summer clothes out can be really confusing to little ones.  I told the boys they could go out and play and to get their winter clothes on and this is what Cody put on.  He was a little upset with me when I told him he had to put pants and a shirt on.

And then we decided to hit the road and get out of the snow and headed to St. George.  It was a last minute decision and I got hotel reservations and everyone packed and ready to go in less than an hour.  So not like me... I am such a planner.

Adam had a great time showing the boys where he went to school and played football.   I am so glad they are all back to school and am left wondering what in the world am I going to do with them ALL SUMMER?  


ChasingChasey said...

I LOVE that picture of all four boys in bed. So CUTE!! Well, mommy, you made it. Summer will be okay because, (hopefully) no more snow?!?!?!?

The Jones :) said...

That was a cute post!! I LOVE Cody's outfit...he's such a hoot!! You will do fine during the summer...we can take turns and send the kids to each others houses!!! You guys are so cute together...sure do love your family!!

The Homer House said...

Awesome. You went to St. George. Great idea.

Mom OT said...

So FUN!!! It is fun to jump up and make a spontaneous trip once in awhile!! Looks like you had fun!! Can't wait to to have our St George getaway!!!

carilarkins said...

Amy your boys are so handsome and adorable at the same time. I wish they could beat on my son for awhile and toughen him up. He's pretty wimpy since he just has a sister and she never wrestles him or punches him.

The Homer House said...

The St. George sun looks much more fun that the Utah snow...I would like to be in St. George too, even better would be with you guys! That is so cute and I am impressed with the quick plans, way to go Amy!
I think Cody looks the most like that good or bad? Just kidding, your boys are all handsome and all I can hope is that they have some of Amy's "manners" and self control! Watch out girls!
June can't come soon enough, I can't wait to let the kids run wild together!
Love you guys!