Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day

Adam's mom died 5 years ago and since then we have all met at the Franklin Idaho cemetery on Memorial Day to remember her.  We have a great time re-telling stories about her...  the stories seem to get better each year.  We sure miss her!  We then invade Adam's brothers house for some great food and of course, dutch oven potatoes!

All of us in front of Sue's beautiful headstone.

All the boys!

All the girls!

Me and the boys having some fun on Uncle Todd's 4-wheeler.  
They each took turns driving me around.

I am blessed to have married into such an incredible family.  
We always have such a great time when we get together.

Kindergarten Graduation.... HE DID IT!

Carson did it... he graduated from Kindergarten!!!  He learned so much this year.  He is reading and writing so good.  He brought home some of his journals last week and I had such a good time reading them and seeing his improvement throughout the year.  

They had a cute little program for graduation and received diplomas.

This is Carson with his teacher, Mrs. Detterbeck.  She was a great teacher and we will miss her. 
I am so proud of you Carson!!!

Summer cuts

Well we broke down and did it....  My little HAIR BALLS are no longer!
This is Cooper before dad caught him... he had gotten a sucker stuck in his hair that morning and I decided it was time.


During.... Adam thought this would be a great look for him.  

And the handsome little devil after.  
My baby looks so much older now.... boo hooo!

And then it was little "surfer boy's" turn.  I really didn't want to cut Cody's hair.  It was so long and the kid has a serious square noggin' that just looks better with long hair.  But we did it!


and after... 
the anxiety was a waste of time.  
They are still super handsome little boys even when they are bald.  (smiles)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

My boys

It took a little begging and a lot of bribery, but I got all 4 of my active boys to comb their hair, put on clean (somewhat matching) clothes and sit still for a photo shoot in the front yard.  

Handsome lil' devils, aren't they? 

Monday, May 4, 2009

"So good I could drink it"

I know I have said it before but never actually acted on it... 
my little Cody Garrett LOVES his fry sauce so much that he drinks it... 
with a straw. 

Even more proof that he spent time with his Grandma Sue in heaven!


Carson lost his other front tooth yesterday, 2 in 2 days...  I feel for his speech therapist, she thought she had it bad before... now he whistles and rolls his words all at the same time.  (smiles)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soccer, hair and the Tooth Fairy

The (big) boys played their last SOCCER game of the season today, 
it was a cold and wet game that I enjoyed from the car.  
Their baseball game was postponed because of the fabulous weather... 
but nothing seems to stop soccer.

They were quite excited to receive their medals after the game and are already talking about playing again in the fall.

This is as good as it gets when all 4 of them are posing for pictures... if you look really close you can see the HAIR cut that Cody gave himself last night.  So not funny!

... and Carson's mouth and his scooter collided and he lost another tooth but the TOOTH FAIRY forgot to come last night.  I bet she feels so bad that she is going to over-compensate him tonight for that tooth.