Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer cuts

Well we broke down and did it....  My little HAIR BALLS are no longer!
This is Cooper before dad caught him... he had gotten a sucker stuck in his hair that morning and I decided it was time.


During.... Adam thought this would be a great look for him.  

And the handsome little devil after.  
My baby looks so much older now.... boo hooo!

And then it was little "surfer boy's" turn.  I really didn't want to cut Cody's hair.  It was so long and the kid has a serious square noggin' that just looks better with long hair.  But we did it!


and after... 
the anxiety was a waste of time.  
They are still super handsome little boys even when they are bald.  (smiles)


ChasingChasey said...

I think they look adorable!!

The Homer House said...

Handsome boys! We can't wait to see them soon!!!!